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Content marketing is generally vital in different economic and social sectors.

According to a content marketing handbook published on The Channel Report, “Content marketing is a technique that involves the creation and distribution of relevant and valuable content to attract and engage a defined and targeted audience with the aim of triggering profitable customer action.”

Content marketing can be done in different ways, such as plain text through articles, video content, still images or photographs, audio, visual presentations, increasingly popular e-books, and well-curated infographics.

 Content marketing from a commercial point of view is designed to assist brands to retain customers, acquire new ones and to build stronger brand market presence.

Why you need content marketing

1.Maintaining reader attention- Audiences and prospective buyers often search for quality content to enhance their knowledge and help inform future decisions. The brand, therefore, uses content to retain the attention of this audience.

2.Brand loyalty – By curating quality content, a brand ultimately creates trust with its audience, translating into brand awareness and loyalty.

3.Lead generation- Increased traffic to a website or online platform assists businesses in generating quality sales leads and improving direct sales for products and services.

How should the execution of a content marketing campaign be done?

“There really isn’t a single strategy, a blanket strategy that works for every single business. I do, though, feel that content marketing, especially a blog, is a good fit for at least 75 percent of the businesses I’ve ever worked with,” said Marcus Sheridan, a renowned international speaker and marketing expert.

Here are some relevant tips you can apply to help you to run a successful content marketing campaign:


Timing is everything in content marketing. You need to choose the right time to implement your content marketing strategy. You can utilise major calendar event dates or come up with seasonal content marketing strategies.

Use themes and imagery

Creative themes and images evoke the feelings and emotions of audiences. You can tap into this emotion to relay your brand and content marketing messaging.

Complimentary businesses

Check around different industries for businesses that complement your brand. You can then approach them to be joint partners for a particular content marketing campaign. This not only enhances the brand but also increases audience numbers.


Don’t shoot in the dark. You need to identify the target audience and deliver messaging on a suitable platform which is relevant and useful to such an audience.

Distribution channels and platforms

Identify the platforms where your targeted audiences are mostly found and can easily access your content marketing information. Be mindful of exposing your brand and audiences to harmful or poorly ranked platforms. A distribution plan informed by in-depth analytics can assist in this regard.

You can utilise the tips provided above to run a successful content marketing campaign. For more on available advertising and content marketing opportunities, contact the Hive Digital Media team at [email protected].

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DATE: Jun 7, 2023
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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