Factors to consider when choosing a digital content marketing agency

Digital marketing agencies play an integral role in creating content and attracting audiences. These audiences are important in creating and developing brand relationships and a viable consumer market.

However, with the increased need for digital marketing agencies, there has also been a rise in people with no know-how claiming to be digital marketing experts. Michael Brenner provides some essential guidelines on what to consider when choosing a digital content marketing agency.


An agency must help you to spend less. Consider the difference between hiring your own full-time content writer, graphic designer and SEO expertise and paying the agency for these services. An agency must make it possible for you to only pay for what you need at a particular time.

Resources for high demand and short deadlines projects

Projects come in different sizes, and some of them can be high demand with short deadlines. Check if an agency you are engaging has the resources to cope when this happens.

Strategy and process

Content marketing involves developing a strategy which outlines how and when to reach the content marketing objective. Consider if an agency has this capability.

Current and future needs

Businesses go through different phases. Your needs today could be blog and social media posts. Think about the next phase of your business, which might need video scrips and editing. Check to ensure your needs are met in different phases.

Agency credibility

It’s easy to be sold a proposal, but nothing tells a better story than what the agency does in-house.

  • Is the site active with content and business updates?
  • Do they have active social media pages?
  • Do they provide timely feedback?
  • Do they have examples of businesses that have benefited from their services?


Writing on the key dimensions of content marketing, Amanda Claesson and Albin Jonsson emphasise the need to deliver value in a content marketing context. An agency should create interesting content that gets the customer’s attention, leading to long-lasting relationships and increased revenue for brands.

Audience reach and trust

A good agency must have established platforms with a broad audience reach. Any content marketing campaign will depend on excellent audience numbers. The agency must have developed sufficient trust from the audiences interested in content published on the agency platforms.

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Patrick Mumbi

DATE: Aug 8, 2023
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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