Content marketing mistakes businesses must avoid

The value of content marketing should never be underestimated. It provides benefits that include the fact that content can be used to promote a brand, engage an audience, increase product and brand visibility as well as using it to collect in-depth market data.

According to Brian Bamberger, Managing Partner of Pharma Acumen, there are some content marketing mistakes many people make which can be avoided.

Content marketing mistakes

Not creating content for multiple buyer personas

Some businesses choose to focus on one persona group in content marketing. You need to be open to the idea that multiple personas will consume your content in a targeted market. It, therefore, makes sense that your content must be meaningful to diverse personas.

Not establishing and measuring KPIs

KPIs assist in adapting and increasing conversions. Key performance indicators to monitor include search engine rankings, website traffic, time on page, audience behaviour, conversions, leads generated, social interactions, subscriber income generated and lifetime value.

No clear multichannel promotion plan

You need to have a mix of channels, such as owned, earned, and paid media channels. Owned refers to your own channels, such as a company website, social media pages and an email platform. Earned is about organically generated attention for your brand, including external mentions, word of mouth, influencer mentions and customer reviews. Paid is the exposure you pay for, specifically through sponsored content, social and media ads.

Not working with a content marketing partner

To execute a content marketing strategy, working with a partner will brings experience, expertise and resources to the table. A partner has the necessary experience in creating compelling content and an in-depth understanding of the market landscape and channels to use.

Hive Digital Media is now a reliable content marketing partner. Hive offers two effective content marketing platforms which are LNN & Citizen that brands across South Africa can count on.

Caxton’s Local News Network (LNN) boasts more than 50 hyperlocal community newspapers in both print and digital formats in communities around the country. LNN publishes stories that directly affect the daily lives of the readers with diverse interests, different age groups, races, religious and income groups. This diversity in content translates into LNN enjoying site visits of up to 6.4 million.

The Citizen is among South Africa’s top 10 news websites boasting around 3 million plus unique users monthly. Hive Digital Media’s commercial offering on The Citizen includes sponsored and advertorial content, banners, social media on diverse platforms and high-quality audiences that not many other platforms offer. Brands can reach their target market through display ads (desktop & mobile), website roadblocks, home page and section takeovers. Sticky banners, outstream in-banners, video ROS, sponsored content and SEO content can also be provided.

Neil Patel offers another insightful mistake to look out for.

Focusing on quantity, not quality

It’s not the quantity but the quality that makes a successful content marketing campaign. Have quality original content, and don’t use bad SEO practices like link stuffing, irrelevant keywords, sneaky redirects, etc.

Being inconsistent

Carole Alalouf places emphasis on the need for consistency. You can achieve this by putting a content schedule in place, which can be about industry developments, your brand or products.

So, when planning your brand’s content marketing strategy, avoid the above mistakes to improve your chances of success.

For more on available advertising and content marketing opportunities, contact the Hive Digital Media team at [email protected].

Patrick Mumbi

DATE: Jul 28, 2023
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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