Hive Digital Media Launches Newsletter Product Offering

Hive Digital Media is excited to announce the launch of a new newsletter product offering.

This new product is an offshoot of the broad and reliable Local News Network (LNN). The newsletter drives awareness by placing advertising within an LNN newsletter subscriber base and is available for booking on a weekly basis.

“The addition of newsletter advertising under our LNN offering will prove to be a vital asset in growing our client’s brand awareness and reach. The newsletter offering will allow for a targeted approach to our opted-in 1st party audiences which translates into generating 100% share of market voice for our clients”, emphasised Joedache Madray, Hive Digital Media Commercial Project Manager.

Any brand or client that needs brand awareness or effective audience reach can count on this product which offers excellent benefits.

Benefits of this newsletter to brands include:

  • The opportunity to grow awareness by placing your brand alongside trending stories.
  • Using newsletter advertising to reach high-quality 1st party audiences.
  • Delivering your brand directly into users’ inboxes.
  • Enjoying 100% share of the market voice.
  • Having unrivalled access to an opted-in audience.

Some of the most popular metro audiences include the City of Tshwane at 35.30%, the City of Johannesburg at 24.29%, Outside Main Metros at 26.84%, the City of eThekwini at 9.07% and Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality (East Rand) at 4.49%.

Business brands can tap into the commercial potential that newsletters offer. Newsletters generally offer businesses potential benefits such as increasing leads & sales, boosting other digital efforts, boosting market authority and credibility, as well as positioning and measuring brand awareness.

This new product offering is yet again a determined demonstration by Hive Digital Media to improve its already exciting product bouquet. For more on available advertising and marketing opportunities, contact the Hive Digital Media team at [email protected].

DATE: May 3, 2023
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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