Hive Digital Media introduces Cape Town Etc, Getaway & OFM into the programmatic network

Cape Town Etc, Getaway & OFM platforms

Hive Digital Media is a business entity which is established on a strong foundation of establishing and leveraging sustainable business partnerships.  These partnerships are focused on using our expertise to explore and implement opportunities. Hive does this through strategy, production, campaign management, reporting, content creation and design). These partnerships are developed in line with Hive’s mantras which are versatility and adaptability.

 Reinforcing the above, adaptability is a core part of Hive’s strategy. We are therefore extremely excited to announce the expansion of our programmatic network, with the introduction of Cape Towne etc, Getaway & OFM.  

What do these platforms offer?

Cape Town Etc is a reputable platform which has earned a reputation for being a reliable source of information. The site covers relevant content such as food, culture, arts, entertainment, fashion, property and current events.

Getaway is an established platform for all things adventure, holiday packages, nature and conservation, travel destinations and general travel related news.

OFM is a regional radio station based in Bloemfontein which has a steady audience which regularly and keenly tunes in for the latest news and the best music tunes in central South Africa.

What value does this development offer?

With the aid of the Data Revenue Management Platform (RMP), these sites will grow (enhance) already available travel, lifestyle and music audiences, as well as many others. The RMP (Revenue Management Platform) is equipped and designed to collect & deliver relevant, targeted audiences across the Caxton Network of Premium News & Lifestyle focused websites. These sites will also assist to in diversify diversifying the range of inventory Hive Digital now has, to fit the needs of business brands.

Hive’s programmatic network is delivered through Ignition which is Hive Digital Media’s programmatic one stop solution. For programmatic network products, you can contact the Hive team at [email protected]ito find out more.

DATE: Aug 25, 2021
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi