Hive Digital Media brings Private Property on board

Hive Digital Media has enhanced its diverse product offering by partnering with Private Property, a leading South African residential and commercial real estate brand.

Founded in 1998, Private Property has evolved significantly from its early beginnings as purely a pioneering ‘for sale by owner’ website to become a portal that facilitates a myriad of connections in the sector to do with buying, selling and renting properties, including developments and farms.

This partnership between Hive Digital Media and Private Property is a well-researched response to changing business dynamics which have seen an increasing number of property market players leveraging on the power of digital platforms to make decisions.

What is the value of this partnership?

This partnership will enable Private Property to tap into Hive’s innovative digital solutions that cater to diverse market segments and niche audiences through premium and brand-safe channels.

Through its established market presence and credibility, coupled with harnessed expertise in marketing services, SEO, content, conversion optimisation, as well as technical support and development for partners, Hive is well positioned to drive Private Property’s brand development initiatives and improve its business footprint. One way this will be done is that Hive will be selling Private Property’s inventory through premium & programmatic sales.

Hive will position the Private Property brand as the front and centre of the digital property space with exclusive ad space and exposure which is the best way to reach the target audience and create positive brand affiliation and awareness.

Advertisers can reap the benefits by advertising property-related services on an excellent platform. This platform has a constantly changing ‘living’ database of multi-thousands of properties, attracting millions of users who are empowered by tapping into the wealth of home-related data presented on the website. Advertising to audiences can be split geographically (by province) or by deal type (i.e., visitors looking to rent or to buy). This ensures that the most relevant audience is reached. Benefits to advertisers include:

  • Maximum reach.
  • Major brand awareness.
  • More qualified leads.
  • Better engagement.
  • Bigger revenue gains.
  • Back-end analytical data analysis providing insights.
  • Targeted messaging to specific profiles and areas.
  • A wide variety of banner advertising options.
  • Run-of-site ensuring multi-industry and market presence.

“After working closely with Private Property for the past few years, we are thrilled to be taking our relationship to the next step with them and aligning our business prospects,” emphasised Hive’s General Manager Katherine Bell.

This business partnership is set to meet the needs and expectations of property enthusiasts and advertisers alike. For more on available advertising and marketing opportunities, you can contact the Hive team at  [email protected].




Patrick Mumbi

DATE: Feb 20, 2023
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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