Hive Digital Media appoints new General Manager

Hive Digital Media is excited to announce the appointment of Katherine Bell as the company’s new General Manager (GM). Katherine Bell takes over the reigns from Kristin Louw, who leaves the company to pursue new opportunities.

What are the details around this appointment?

Kath, as she is popularly known within business circles, held the position of Hive’s Operations Manager before the appointment.  Her primary focus was to ensure that market products are competitive and that Hive Digital Media executes campaigns accordingly with continued optimisations and strategic reporting insights.

“Kristin has left massive shoes to fill, but I am excited to utilize my knowledge of the business to step-up to the task. I hope to continue the momentum Hive Digital Media has established and continue growing that. We have an incredible team of industry experts, and I aim to strategically steer this ship to the sweet spot that maximises the team’s potential and align this with our clients’ objectives. Our team is young and dynamic, as is the industry, and I aspire to grow Hive Digital Media in this direction as the market is ever-changing,” said Katherine.

 “In a fast-moving world, change is inevitable.  Katherine has been part of Hive Digital Media for a few years with an impeccable record. Katherine’s experience and qualifications (Honours degree in Business management) make her more than qualified to take over as GM and run with the challenge. She is a young digital native with a lot of positive energy and I am looking forward to working closely with her.”, highlighted Servaas de Kock, Caxton Group Executive-Digital.

For any enquiries or more on this new development, contact Katherine Bell at info@hivedigital.media. For available products, contact the Hive Digital Media team at info@hivedigital.media.



DATE: Jun 23, 2022
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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