Hive Digital 1st party data development

In today’s digital world, data has become an integral part of innovation and business development. A key aspect here, is the presence of 1st Party Data. Hive’s 1st Party Data is data collected from users across our network, that is later anonymously kept for current & future campaign use. The presence of this data allows us to tailor our product offerings, to place relevant content in front of the right user at the right time. Success here, should result in better user engagement as well as higher KPI’s for the brand.

With the looming deprecation of 3rd Party Cookies, Hive made the strategic decision in 2020 to invest in our 1st Party Data strategy. We partnered up with Carbon, a RMP (Revenue Management Platform) to focus on the quality of our own data. Carbon uses our data to provide Hive with rich user insights. These insights are granular and provide us with user intent, interest, brand affiliation and demographic data and more. Being able to accurately segment users on our network into relevant audiences, allows us to deliver appropriate and targeted campaigns.

The teams at Hive & Carbon have worked hard to develop the strong business partnership we have today, allowing us to open new business opportunities going forward, and improve our campaign successes for us and our clients.

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DATE: Aug 5, 2021
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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