Guzzle Relaunches its Website

Hive Digital Media is proud to announce that its longstanding partnership brand Guzzle has relaunched its website with a fresh look. Having celebrated its 11th birthday in 2022, Guzzle has embarked on a platform revamp to provide an enhanced user experience, better results and returns for retailers. All of these efforts are part of a strategic development plan to revamp the brand’s digital assets and infrastructure.

Hive Digital Media’s relationship with Guzzle is a mutually strategic one. Hive Digital Media uses its unique digital media expertise to elevate Guzzle’s position in the market and manage its sales prospects.

The launch of the new site is divided into two phases. Both phases are set to positively facilitate easier user navigation, a more visually appealing look and fall in line with the updated brand image, and improved value for paid retailers.

“Guzzle is a reputable brand, and we are proud as Hive Digital Media to be associated with a brand that has made great strides in servicing the retail sector. The site revamp is a milestone that speaks to Guzzle’s ambition and desire to become a leading market player. The launch of the Guzzle website is a timely move that will benefit shoppers through better user experience and our paying clients through more features and returns on investment”, said Hive Digital Media’s Digital Sales Manager Clarise Sha.

The first phase of this development offers the following:

  • Cleaner website which displays more content.
  • Revised look and feel.
  • Category Carousel on the home page.
  • New detailed filters on the latest catalogue page.

The second phase is set to deliver the following:

  • My feed, a personalised feature or timeline.
  • Tag following in retail talk facilitating brand engagement.
  • New user dashboard that lets you control your preferences.
  • Retailer and brand pages separated alphabetically.
  • Account dashboard with more details, including a default location feature.

“We’ve managed to increase year-on-year viewership by 40% from July 2022 to date and expect a larger climb moving forward. The new Guzzle website is cleaner and more user-friendly, delivering a seamless browsing experience which will further assist performance”, emphasised Muntasir Bester, CEO of Guzzle Media.

Retailers and shoppers alike can look forward to an improved Guzzle experience.

Patrick Mumbi

DATE: Mar 6, 2023
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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