Audience targeting in content marketing

Audience targeting is integral to content marketing and sales campaigns for businesses.  It allows brands to deliver targeted campaigns that ignite and support conversations between a brand and prospective consumers.

Audience targeting perimeters

Motivation – Research what motivates the audience you are targeting.

Occupation – Don’t overlook the general occupations of your audience because this often informs preferences.

Perception – This involves finding out how consumers view your brand, a particular product or similar products in the category.

Once these perimeters have been established, you can now work on delivering information that is valuable and relevant to the targeted audiences’ success in their private or work life.  You must also align this information with your overall business strategy.

General audience targeting guidelines

According to Ana Carrapichano’s advice on Market Segmentation and Targeting, there are a few steps you can apply to make the most of content marketing audience targeting.

Set goals

You need to have clear objectives to identify opportunities for a particular audience. The goals or objectives form the foundation of any successful content marketing or sales campaign.

Gather data

Data is at the heart of the current digital world. Gather data on your own or from credible sources. This will allow you to target your audience in segments and niches.

Consumer needs and wants

You need to deeply orient yourself in a particular market segment through Psychographics. Psychographics is an in-depth market filter that considers how your targeted consumers view the world based on personality traits, values, attitudes, interests, and lifestyle factors.

Market segmentation

Based on gathered data, you can divide a big consumer market into shared characteristics. These characteristics will determine how viable a market segment is.


Always keep improving because the consumer market constantly evolves. Reset your goals, clean up your database and reassess the channels you use for any campaigns.

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Patrick Mumbi

DATE: Jun 27, 2023
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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