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South Africa’s media space is broad with various entities and service providers competing to capture the attention of a diverse audience. The audience dynamics are generally shaped by age, lifestyle, income brackets, needs, profession, level of education and arising social and economic conditions within the environment.

This places a huge responsibility on media entities not only to provide a broad array of products and services but to also ensure that unique needs are met with tailormade products and services which are cost effective, relevant and current as well as being user friendly. One media entity doing exactly this is Hive Digital Media. One product offering from Hive which has grabbed the attention of the market and continues to make tremendous impact in different segments and niches is programmatic advertising.

What is programmatic advertising?

In layman’s language, this product offering involves the automated buying and selling of online advertising. This product offering relies on in-depth data analytics which are used to segment market audiences which in turn facilitates targeted advertising. The benefit for clients is that these tailor-made targeted ads reach the right audience at the right time. Not only are these ads designed to appeal to this segmented audience but it’s cheaper and provide provides great returns on advertising investment. In short, it’s targeted ads rather than spray wide and wait to see what happens, which is a common practice in many media advertising entities. Programmatic advertising automates the entire ad buying process and secures ad space based on the specifications set out by the advertiser.

What’s the relationship between programmatic advertising and social programmatic display?

Social programmatic content is a component within the programmatic advertising space. Social programmatic simply relies on the strength of social media to recreate social media posts which are displayed in normal banner slots. The common characteristic and goals for both are to create awareness, prospect and directly respond to a need or development.

Social programmatic as a standalone product

Social programmatic ads look & feel like content and are anchored around elements of maximum imagery & minimal text which is a key driver on social media. This creates a positive user experience where consumers can opt to engage with the brand through likes, comments, and sharing the original social media post, etc. These social programmatic ads are faster, easier and more affordable to develop than traditional display banners. They also enable the fastest creative development-to-launch a timeline in the industry which contributes towards building stronger brand equity than with conventional display advertising. These banners are quick and easy to create and have proven to be highly effective.

Key benefits of social programmatic display ads are:

  • Its efficient and effective
  • Allows for a positive experience for consumers who opt to engage.
  • Builds stronger brand equity than with conventional display advertising.
  • Better returns on ad spend

How has Hive structured its social programmatic display offering?

In the current digital age where social media is a dominant avenue for information dissemination, Hive Digital has placed prime importance on this product offering. Hive Digital has done this by establishing Ignition Buy which serves as Hive Digital’s programmatic buying unit. This strategic focus has translated into social programmatic being one of the most popular and best performing ad units. Social programmatic thus allows Hive to pull social media posts into standard banners across the Google Display Network.

Some of the campaign benchmarks include awareness, traffic-to-site and average impression frequency, etc. The targeting metrics include device type, carrier, language, geography, age, affinity audiences, in-market audiences, in App, day & time, frequency, gender, environment, proximity, remarketing, key words, income ranges, marital status, etc.

This service offerings is a perfect fit into Hives strategic objectives which are about connecting businesses with markets through enhanced engagement as highlighted by Kirsty Needham who is the Digital Sales Manager.

“Social programmatic has been an effective and engaging product that we really enjoy connecting our clients with. It saves our clients time in creating artwork and allows us to project whatever client is sharing in their social space to a much larger carefully crafted audience in a format that many users are familiar with. This piece of tech has allowed us to project the social environment outside of the platform it lives in and the results speak for themselves” explained Kirsty.                      

Social programmatic display advertising is definitely a unique product which helps businesses to reach targeted audiences on the go. Contact our team at [email protected] to find out more.

Patrick Mumbi

DATE: Aug 17, 2021
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi