Hyperlocal Marketing: What is it all about?

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Marketing practices and trends have evolved over the years in response to changing market dynamics and consumer needs. While both public and private social and business institutions have continued to spend on marketing, what has however changed over the years is how they go about it and what type of platforms they use in their efforts to reach the targeted audience. This change of position has been the catalyst behind the growing influence and reliability of hyperlocal marketing.

What is hyperlocal marketing?

Simply put, hyperlocal marketing refers to marketing initiatives that are aimed at a local geographical area and in particular consumers who are searching for products and services near their locality. With the increasing use of digital devices such as laptops and mobile phones, most of these consumers often have the ‘near me’ feature on their devices.

Hyperlocal marketing, therefore, integrates digital and print platforms in catering for businesses and other entities in the market who seek to reach current and potential customers looking for food, home products, electronic items, clothes, and even social services like healthcare, restaurants, schools, etc near their locality.

What is the best way to do hyperlocal marketing?

Target customers near your business – Hyperlocal is about a local audience and market. In order to accurately target customers near your business, you need to have reliable data statistics which point you to what consumers are looking for and possibly the demographics involved.

Target geographic events – Events are a big part of hyperlocal marketing. Not only do events attract a local audience but they attract other prospective buyers from different geographical areas. You can therefore anchor your hyperlocal marketing campaign or advert around a local event to attract customers. In doing so, you need to ensure your brand is associated with the right events aligned to your brand values to avoid negatively affecting your business brand.

Use local hyperlocal news entities – Hyperlocal news entities have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the local neighbourhood and prevailing market conditions. Most of them also possess accurate and reliable statistical capability which assists in executing a hyperlocal marketing campaign.

Create content – Content is king, so they say. Content is a key ingredient in a hyperlocal marketing campaign. You need to curate content in text or video formats which can then be circulated on a hyperlocal platform to reach a unique market segment or niche.

How does Hive deliver effective hyperlocal marketing campaigns?

Hive Digital Media operates under the more established and trusted media business umbrella of Caxton Publishers. Caxton has over the years developed an authentic and trusted platform called Local News Network (LNN) which currently boasts 59 hyperlocal print and digital newspapers which reach communities all around South Africa. Because of this local presence, LNN is the undisputed leader in community news which publishes stories that directly affect the daily lives of the readers with diverse interests, different age groups, races, religious groups and income groups.

Hyperlocal marketing campaigns execution

Leveraging on the LNN strength and expertise developed over the years, Hive Digital Media has become a reliable service provider of cost-effective hyperlocal marketing campaigns which provide excellent returns on investment.

Here are some methods Hive uses to deliver:

Advertorials – Advertorials are used to market a product or service development. These advertorials incorporate the power of good storytelling through text while supplementing it with videos, GIFs, infographics and images which all add to enhanced reader experience and attention which consequently generate a favourable impression of the client’s brand.

Social Media – Social media is a big deal when it comes to hyperlocal marketing. Hive offers social media boosted posts as part of an overall content campaign to ensure that content on a Hyperlocal website reaches the right audiences on 3rd party platforms like Facebook to drive higher traffic and interested audiences.

DMP – Hive has a Data Management Platform (DMP) which helps in retargeting display adverts to consumers that have engaged with a particular type of content, which ensures that a business brand and products/services get as much targeted reach as possible. Banner ads on this extended network go up to about 24 million monthly impressions. Using this DMP, Hive can create brand-specific audiences which can be retargeted based on brand and business needs.

Why are hyperlocal marketing campaigns effective?

Precise targeting – Hyperlocal marketing campaigns are done with precise targeting which is done through audience interest data or location data to deliver primed mobile brand messages where it matters.

Partnerships – Hive partners with brands to create authentic long and short-term narratives to reach engaged audiences through dynamic hyperlocal advertising and marketing.

LNN – Each LNN site attracts a diverse range of audiences who can be precisely targeted through the audience data pool across the hyperlocal network. LNN enjoys site visits of up to 6.4 million. This allows Hive to create content that strongly relates to the audience’s daily lives and interests. That is, aligning the interests of the brand with the interests of the audience at a community level.

From the above, it’s clear to see why small, medium and large-scale businesses and other institutions have continued to rely on hyperlocal marketing campaigns to reach their targeted audiences with Hive Digital Media being the reliable and credible service provider in this regard.

For hyperlocal marketing and advertising campaigns, you can contact the Hive team at [email protected] to find out more.

Patrick Mumbi

DATE: Aug 12, 2021
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi