Hive Digital Media partnership with Conversion Rate Pros launched

Hive Digital Media has entered into an innovative partnership with Conversion Rate Pros.  This partnership is based on an increasing need to positively assist brands in shaping and altering consumer perspectives towards brands and their online assets.

How will this impact businesses?

Established on the foundation of the emerging global digital trend of split testing, the Conversion Rate Pros business model is anchored around a keen desire to provide businesses and brands with an in-depth understanding of why online users were and weren’t purchasing from their online stores. This business model ultimately ensures businesses are driving their websites forward with customer insights rather than boardroom discussions.

This translates into businesses making more money from the budget they’re already spending and traffic they’re already generating. In a nutshell, Conversion Rate Pros is about sites becoming more effective and converting traffic into revenue and increasing marketing spend.

Businesses and brands can count on Conversion Rate Pros and Hive Digital Media to provide them with in-depth insights on consumer experiences as well as their fears and objections around purchasing and enquiring.

The long-term effects of having a structured approach to understanding customer problems and testing solutions to these generates powerful Intellectual Property (IP). This can then be leveraged through every area of the business from the online checkout process, PR strategy, packaging and even to product development road maps.

“As a business owner or marketing executive, you’re looking for low-risk strategies that can move the needle over the long run. Research and split testing is just that strategy. Making a real, data-backed difference for our clients is unbelievably fulfilling. It also places customers at the centre of website roadmaps, meaning better experiences for the customers that our clients value so much,” says Nicholas Wright, Founder of Conversion Rate Pros.

Paid media and conversion rate optimisation

The partnership between Conversion Rate Pros and Hive Digital Media speaks volumes about the great synergy between paid media and conversion rate optimisation services that every digital strategy should contain. This partnership, therefore, promises to achieve a two-pronged approach of driving quality traffic sites through paid media and iteratively improving the performance of the site with great and rewarding results for all parties.

“We have seen the benefit of this offering on our very own publications. No matter what a website considers a “conversion” to be, there are always ways to streamline the structure and layout of the site to support its overall end goals. While our core offering as a sales house has always been digital media, this services ties in so beautifully to a strategic client / partner relationship in the sense that not only can we drive valuable traffic to your site, but we can ensure that you get the best possible chance of conversion when users get there,” emphasises Kristin Louw, Hive Digital Medias General Manager. 

For more on this new partnership and available products, you can contact the Hive team at info@hivedigital.media.

DATE: May 24, 2022
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi