Hive Digital Media enters into strategic partnership with Think WiFi

Clients reviewing Hive Digital Media partnership with Think WiFi

Hive Digital Media has entered into a progressive business partnership with Think WiFi seeing to accelerate ad-funded WiFi access to under-served communities. Through Think WiFi’s strategically placed technology and infrastructure, along with Hive Digital Media’s sales and ad serving expertise, this partnership is set to offer advertisers access to a market that was previously highly challenging to reach.

How will these two service providers complement each other?

Think WiFi, an Ad Tech company that specialises in delivering high impact WiFi solutions. These solutions aim to provide dignity and equality through access to technology, with the subsequent ability to help create Smart communities. On the other hand, Hive Digital Media is a digital division of the Caxton Group that provides expertise in digital media sales, marketing services, SEO, content, as well as technical support and development for partners across the network.

Strengthening Hive’s current extensive audience reach, the partnership will assist brands in launching products and services in unique market segments and reach key market audiences.

Furthermore, this partnership will allow Think WiFi to continue strive toward its noble ambition of providing free public WiFi across South Africa. This includes offering connectivity and digital education solutions to schools, and enabling Think Portal “Lollies” (solar-powered community lights) – The responsibility of seeking commercial partners to ad-fund this venture will rest with Hive.

“This offering adds to the robust range of audience segments that we can currently reach through our media offerings, giving brands all they need to make the best possible targeting decisions. Hive is looking forward to working closely with Think WiFi from a strategic & operational point of view in order to give our clients a world-class experience,” states Hive General Manager Kristin Louw. 

“Over and above, this offers a unique prospect to be part of something that brings economic and educational resources to poverty-stricken areas – an opportunity that we did not want to miss”, emphasised Louw.             

As further highlighted by Janine Rebelo, CEO of Think WiFi, “Hive share our passion for uplifting communities and have the knowhow and foresight to embrace the new ‘Kasi’ economy with us. This not only provides brands with significant campaign ROI and affinity benefits, it also enriches the lives of millions of underserved South Africans, bringing them a plethora of new products and services that closes the digital divide and allows them to participate in the 4th Industrial Revolution”.

What’s the end user reach?

Think Wi-Fi currently has 321 venues in 5 provinces distributed as follows, Western Cape 221, Gauteng 94, KZN 22, Eastern Cape 34 and Northern Cape 1.

Some of the unique business features associated with Think Wifi include that the internet access services provided are uncapped, and that users’ details such as email addresses are never requested. This keeps access open to all, ensuring that it is user-friendly and straightforward even with the semi-illiterate population.

For more on this new product, you can contact the Hive team at [email protected].

Patrick Mumbi

DATE: Feb 1, 2022
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi