Hive Digital, a distinctive media agency relaunches its website

Hive Digital website launch on mobile and desktop

Hive Digital is a relatively new business media entity that has continued to make great strides in providing unique and innovative digital media solutions. These cost-effective and result-oriented solutions have earned this business brand a place among digital media industry leaders in South Africa.

Business history and product offering

Established in the year 2019 out of a merger between Spark Media and Caxton Digital, this enterprising media service provider has weathered the business storms, especially under the Covid-19 environment to entrench itself as a reliable provider of tailor-made digital solutions which are provided by a medium-sized staff compliment who are trained experts at what they do.

Hive Digital Media operates as a shared services division of the Caxton Group, offering services such as technical support, content creation, marketing services, SEO and conversion optimisation, as well as technical support across the Caxton Network.

Hive has gone the extra mile in ensuring that South Africa’s vibrant and fast-growing retail sector is well catered for. This has been achieved through their partnership with the innovative retail platform Guzzle. Guzzle is a local catalogue aggregator business website that allows consumers to browse catalogues from leading retailers in one place. Consumers use this platform to plan, compare prices and shop with convenience and at affordable prices. Guzzle currently has over 700 000 users a month who plan their shopping on this platform browsing over 11.4 million catalogue pages.

Hive Digital Media is also a provider of programmatic banner advertising expertise and services. Operating under a one-stop solution called Ignition, the programmatic side of the business is designed to allow clients to automatically buy and optimise digital campaigns in a creative and data-driven manner.

The technical aspect of the services offered, involves Hive Digital providing a technical team to be at the service of business houses to cater for sites’ ad technology or development requirements. This support team works towards improving the performance of your website in the search engine rankings as well as on-site conversions. It’s also worth noting that Hive recently invested in a publisher-oriented RMP (Revenue Management Platform) called Carbon. Carbon provides Hive Digital with high-quality 1st and 3rd party data which is aimed at unlocking a complex relationship between audience, content and revenue which are the key business pillars of Hive. Using this data, Hive Digital can collect & deliver relevant and targeted campaigns which open new business opportunities and improves the revenue and profit margins for clients and Hive as a business.

Hive Digital has created internal marketing and content creation capacity by putting in place modern tools and incorporating the best recognised industry practices, allowing their team to provide enhanced media marketing and content creation services. Hive Digital, therefore, acts as an outsourced marketing department for business houses offering strategy, production, campaign management, reporting, content creation, and even design capability. Since its inception, Hive has been offering digital media solutions to national clients.

Leveraging on the strength and market presence of media giant Caxton Newspapers through its local newspapers across the country, Hive Digital not only has an in-depth understanding of niche marketing dynamics and content production needs of market segments and communities, but it also uses this Caxton local news network to reach unique markets and use unique market intelligence to serve clients better with expertly produced and designed content.

Hive Digital has also made strategic responses towards the increased video content demand by consumers and business houses. Hive Digital provides Spectrum TV that runs on 57 local news sites spread across the country. Spectrum currently stands as the largest alternate free-to-air video platform and network in South Africa.

With its market-leading compression technology, Spectrum can reach more people at a fraction of the data costs currently incurred on other video platforms. Spectrum’s patented compression optimization, which delivers HD content over Hive’s network, means consumers can watch more content using less data.

The relaunch of the Hive Website is another step towards intensified efforts aimed at achieving service excellence and brand visibility.

With such developments, Hive Digital is cementing its place as a reliable digital solutions service provider. You can contact Hive here.

Patrick Mumbi

DATE: Aug 5, 2021
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi