Employee Development at Hive Digital Media

Employees are an integral component of any organisation. It is for this reason that Hive Digital Media prioritises employees’ health, well-being and development.

A study by Walters & Rodriguez (2017), on the importance of training and development in employee performance and evaluation, states that employees are responsible for the quality of products, service and client satisfaction. This responsibility that employees hold makes them an asset to a business. Walters & Rodriguez (2017) study concludes that well-trained employees stay longer at the company due to job satisfaction. Therefore, development and training are essential tools businesses can use to improve employee performance. These tools also encourage employees to become more motivated, productive, efficient, innovative and satisfied in their working environment (Walters and Rodriguez, 2017).

Hive Digital Media strives to create a great working and learning environment for its employees. The Hive identity is a reflection of this, being Headstrong, Industrious, Vibrant, and Educative. Educative is defined as “We go above and beyond to elevate each other and our community through knowledge sharing. We work together to solve problems and provide insights”.

Each employee at Hive Digital Media is passionate about what they do and continues to upskill through studies, webinars, conferences and research in order to become experts in their field. Hive Digital Media currently has a few employees studying. Samantha Mckay and Ramondi Kennedy have almost completed their digital learnership through Red & Yellow; Norah Ndlovu and Hope Nkambule will start in March. Clarise Sha is completing a sales management course, and Joedache Madray a leadership learnership.

Apart from their work responsibilities and upskilling, employees are also encouraged to focus on their well-being. Once a month, 30 minutes is dedicated to a meditation session where employees refocus their energy. In addition, sessions and events are hosted to improve employee relationships and morale. Examples are show-and-tell sessions where employees can talk about their hobbies, an outing to a pottery place to paint pots and catch up, and the favourite year-end event – the Christmas party.

Hive Digital Media is a positive working environment of hard work and dedication. Team leadership is continuously working on ways to keep up with the constantly evolving workplace dynamics. This is done in order to keep employees motivated, productive, efficient, innovative and satisfied in their working environment.

DATE: Mar 6, 2023

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