Introducing SA setting branding trends through Hive Digital Media

Introducing SA, Caxton Local Media’s exciting new venture, prides itself in being an all-in-one marketing and branding solution that not only delivers credibility, quality trending content, but far-reaching brand and consumer market influence.

Conceptualised during the initial Covid lockdown, this platform is a well-researched solution to changing consumer shopping habits which have led to consumers minimising their store visits and time spent assessing products. An increased number of shoppers have resorted to online shopping, making sampling very hard.

For this reason, Introducing SA, the superior sampling mechanism was born. Positioned as an omnichannel media solution, Introducing SA delivers print, digital, social media, out of home, sampling, consumer surveys and eventing, as well as influencer amplification.

Fitting neatly into the Caxton CTP suite of products, this offering is available through Hive Digital Media, the national sales arm for the Caxton Group.

“Introducing SA brings readers and consumers the latest and trendiest must-haves across southern Africa. Every campaign is bespoke, which means the content is created specifically to suit brand needs. This results from an acute understanding and in-depth market insights, which point to the fact that staying relevant is not just about providing good content but understanding the changing needs of readers, shoppers and advertisers,” said Kristin Louw, General Manager of Hive

Caxton’s broad reach, which touches far-flung areas in every corner of the country, enables brands to reach homes safely through the local newspapers and target audiences without wastage in print copy and unsold returns. The monthly editorial page features 21 local newspapers with a print order of over 800 000 copies. Introducing SA through Caxton is closer to the local population than anyone else and have the expertise to tailor advertising and marketing messaging and ultimately get the message, and samples, into millions of homes.

Further to that, the accompanying digital platform, www.introducingsa.co.za, is the ideal environment for brand launches, new variants or trendy lifestyle offerings to go to market. With an engaged and fast-growing online and social media audience, this platform features different content marketing categories such as fashion and beauty, recipes, health and wellness, finance, entertainment, travel, who’s hot and competitions. Brands and marketers can count on this reliable online and user-friendly platform to engage with urban SA shoppers.

There has never been a better time to be part of this exciting journey and give your brand, products and trendy content massive lift and exposure through Introducing SA.


DATE: Feb 23, 2022
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi

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