Hive Digital Media launches Infinity

Online viewer of Infinity

Hive Digital Media has launched Infinity, which is a new approach to digital content and video advertising. This product is in line with Hive’s efforts to enhance and diversify its product offerings. This is also designed to respond to changing digital market dynamics and business needs.

What’s the value of this product?

Infinity is a new immersive, dynamic & adaptive content channel within an ad unit. It is designed to find new audience groups and adapt the content in the unit according to targeted audiences.

This product offering places emphasis on time in-brand at the top of the funnel by encouraging interaction and dwell time in the unit. This is done by utilising new technology to find online behaviours that gives Hive more granular user insights which translates into a better understanding of what content resonates with brands’ audiences.

Infinity has been developed to provide sufficient functionality and adaptability to different types of content such as:

  • Branded content – Content theme which is used to highlight your product or brand to serve as an awareness tool.
  • Editorial content – This is curated content meant to create lifestyle-centric pieces that speak to your audience’s interests.
  • Partner content – This speaks to business partners leveraging existing partnerships or sister brands to showcase additional offers or promotions.

Infinity’s reporting and efficiencies will help to understand the perception and performance of a brand’s marketing efforts. It’s an ad unit which serves an organic goal, keeping brands at the top of consumers’ minds. By finding users and increasing awareness and share of mind, brands will see an uplift all the way through the marketing funnel.

Brand performance benefits

Brands will be able to track familiar performance metrics of the campaign, however, the audience and content performance insights are bespoke to Infinity,making it a unique way to understand a brand. Brands stay in control of their content and brand safety, whilst having access to all associated performance and insights metrics.

Infinity offers brands the opportunity to predict audiences’ choices based on their behaviour before presenting them with brand content in a purposeful way. By encouraging consumer interaction and attention, it is more efficient in how brands could and should use their content. 

This will also ensure content efficiency, as brands can create content with real purpose, informed by real data while also repurposing existing brand content. This is already distributed on platforms like television and social media, but can all be redistributed in one single ad unit, Infinity.

For more on this new product, you can contact the Hive team at [email protected].

DATE: Oct 1, 2021
AUTHOR: Patrick Mumbi